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Josianne Laflamme - Designer Intérieur
Josianne Laflamme
Josianne Laflamme

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Is there a project or a need, sitting in the back of your mind, waiting for the right moment to come to life?

Let’s talk and see if now is the time.


Boisé-Ceres Project

THE SCOPE : I designed the entrance hall, renovated all communal areas and created the development plans for all 4 model condos, architectural elements and the building's overall lighting. I also curate materials, finishes and furniture.

THE WISH LIST : My client wanted a modern, welcoming, timeless look and feel.

St-Lambert Project

THE SCOPE : A space optimization analysis that led to a complete reorganisation that involved tearing down a load-bearing wall. The only element we saved was the the brownish-black, tainted hardwood floor.

THE WISH LIST : My client wanted to maintain the black and white theme that’s present throughout their main floor. I created a modern, timeless kitchen that’s both convenient and beautiful.
Ville St-Laurent Project 1

Ville St-Laurent Project

THE SCOPE : Harmonizing all materials, finishings, furniture and lighting throughout the entire residence.

THE WISH LIST : My clients are travellers and wanted a warm, welcoming space that integrated meaningful tokens from their various travel adventures.

Chambly Project

THE SCOPE : A complete transformation of the living room, dining room and kitchen. I chose every material and finish, while designing all of the integrated furniture and the dining table.

THE WISH LIST: They wanted a more contemporary space that still felt classic. This home has lots of natural light, gorgeous beams and oak floors that I was able to seamlessly highlight within the new look and feel.
Projet Omnitechlab - Josianne

Omnitech Lab Project

THE SCOPE: The main conference and video conference room had major sound problems. I redesigned the room to correct their echo and sound resonance issues.

THE WISH LIST: My client wanted to add elements of the company’s logo to accentuate the room’s decor.
projet dorval - Josianne

Dorval Project

THE SCOPE: This project included overseeing complete remodeling designs for a 27-room, 3-floor home. No detail was left untouched. I worked on architectural elements, finishes and lighting, while also curating art work and unique furniture imported from France, Italy and Spain.

THE WISH LIST: My clients wanted a home that would feel like a european castle, with each room creating a unique ambiance and experience. We preserved the existing kitchen, oak floors and the original staircase.

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Crafted with care and integrity

It all started at the Delano Miami, when I was a teen. I was struck at how design could create a unique experience, a deep feeling and a sense of place.

I was already intrigued by design but knew, then and there, that creating interiors was going to be my calling. I believe true design elevates and improves lives.

With design and project management studies completed, I was eager to start enhancing lives, through better living spaces.

I’ve been doing this now, for over 15 years.

Between projects, I keep my inspiration and knowledge sharp with visits to major industry events in Paris, Milan, New York, Valencia and Montreal.

Whether you want to upgrade a business space or transform the look and feel of your home, rest assured you’ve found the meticulous professional you’d hoped for.

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Étude des possibilités

Explore possibilities

You have specific needs, and most likely, a budget. Ask for an analysis that provides 3 space optimization proposals that will match your exact criteria.

This remote service can you started on solid ground for any project.

Want to meet me? That can be arranged as well.

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Consult on Interior Design

Let’s meet in person to address specific questions regarding your renovation, construction or interior design project.

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Let me handle your project

Many remodeling or interior construction projects are not executed because of the sheer effort it takes to manage everything. Having an expert design and supervise everything from budget to building makes it easy to get what you want.

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Enhance with Art

An interesting piece of art can elevate your space and define your home’s personality. We support the work of talented artists

We are thrilled with our new interiors

Thank you, Josianne, for your wise advice and your patience throughout the renovation work at my workplace and, more recently, at home. We are thrilled with our new interiors.

Dr. Nadeau and Mrs. Lafrenière, Ste-Julie

Professional and committed

Josianne is professional and committed and we enjoyed working with her.

Jenny Ann Laprise, M. & Mme Chocolat

An excellent partner

Hard to explain in just a few words the enormous help and encouragement we received from Josianne throughout the renovations to the ground floor of our home. It was no easy task, but she rose to the challenge with great professionalism. She has been an excellent partner. Thank you so much, Josianne.

Mr. Vachon and Mrs. Pomerleau, St-Hubert

A pleasure to work together

With her reliable good taste, Josianne was able to guide and advise us with great tact and with respect for our own tastes and preferences. She was always available and flexible to make sure our needs were met. She even provides client after-care to iron out any minor issues later on. It was a pleasure to work together, and I would recommend her services without hesitation!

Mrs. Caroline Ouellette, Ville St-Laurent

A true innovator, she handles form, texture, colour, and materials with great skill

Ms. Laflamme is a highly intuitive person who pays close attention to the client’s needs. A true innovator, she handles form, texture, colour, and materials with great skill. Josianne is very committed and forthcoming. We are more than satisfied with her services.

Hélène and Louis Breault, Montreal

Art collection

The free and subtle interplay between knowledge and emotion—that deep,

open-hearted emotion the artist shares with the viewer—is a source of both comfort and fascination to me.

I invite you to enjoy and be moved by these artists’ works.

Prices available on request.